Embrace You Own Authenticity

Help is Here

Healing oneself is possible.

Embrace your innate longing to be deeply connected to a significant other while learning new ways of being in relationship. You will begin to embrace your own authenticity in your quest to be known and understood in relational intimacy.

Lynda Pearman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, uses variety of theoretical perspectives and reverence for the human condition. She helps you cope with life crises and the sadness of relationship breakdowns. Through careful, conscious observation and a willingness to change, a natural process of healing yourself becomes possible.


Hope for mending a relationship with your child or loved-one


The loss of relationship with one’s child or children is one of the most challenging and can be devastating to a parent’s struggling with how to re-claim that connection. Lynda offers realistic concepts for the parenting of one’s children at any age, which often involves the re- parenting of one’s self with self-love and kindness. When we have truly done our work to heal ourselves, we can more easily let go of what we cannot change.

What can you do to heal yourself?

Our journey is never finished.  Yet, attaining new insights, strengths and tools will strengthen the belief that you can handle adversity and you are worthwhile in this world.  Lynda acknowledges that there are many ways to heal oneself.   Attaining relaxation, mindfulness and subtle awareness of the body ~mind~ spirit connection can be offered in the sessions, to promote a holistic life practice.